About Duidough

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My name is David aka Duido (dwee-doh), and this is my Café and Cookie Lab in Hollywood, CA.  This café is a culmination of all of my favorite types of food growing up in Los Angeles, with a strong emphasis on the bakery!  As a kid, the only books I’d read were cookbooks. I grew up in my mom’s busy kitchen – watching her cook, create, and celebrate everything with food.  The kitchen was the heart of our home, and I didn’t fully understand then, but it just felt right.

I’ve always loved to create memories with friends and family over food.  My classic chocolate chip cookie dough recipe has been a work of art since I was six years old, still working on techniques to perfect it.  When I was in elementary school, middle school all the way to high school and college, there was always one common denominator; I was always baking my chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.  In college I was the only freshman who boasted a Panini press in their dorm room. When I taught English in South Korea for a year I was the only teacher to have an oven installed in my modest teacher digs in the history of the company.

I’ve been baking my cookies and breads for the last three years for various wholesale accounts such as Pantages Theatre, Disney hall, LACMA and Loews Hollywood to name a few in Los Angeles, and when the opportunity to open a brick and mortar café came along, I pounced.  I am betting on myself, and on your good tastes to make this work because seeing people enjoy my freshly baked sweets, our hand made craft coffee drinks and our diverse breakfast and lunch menu is both humbling and fulfilling.