Behind the Menu


I come from a family of complicated orderers. Fairly often, we would go out and the menu would have very limited offerings to satisfy us all. 

My mom and older sister like to torture the servers by asking all kinds of difficult questions, ordering a la carte, or asking to deconstruct a set meal, to then reconstruct it the way they want it.  It would usually end with everything being gluten and dairy free and have dressing on the side (also no onions, thanks).  

My other sister is a vegetarian, keep-meals-simple, no dairy, also dressing on the side (also no onions, thanks).

My longtime girlfriend, on the other hand, orders extra butter, extra onions and extra fried goodness. Her favorite meal is our avocado toast, the millennial, accompanied by a hot, whole milk mocha made with real chocolate. 

My dad and brother-in-law are all about bacon and eggs and aren't too difficult, but also like their bacon crispy, potatoes well done, and sourdough well toasted, with a side of butter (oh, and a side of mayonnaise, thanks). 

Duidough Café is just a culmination of making sure that no matter where you're from or what your food cultural background is – you are all comfortable, and can truly have brunch your way! 

So yeah, going out the 7+ of us can be complicated.  Luckily our menu is designed for everyone to have multiple options and iterations to be sure that you are taken care of!